About Us

Established and certified as a GMP manufacturer in 2007, Sávee earned its reputation as a dynamically growing brand with its quality consistency and constant service improvement, and today, Sávee has steered to be the top key player in beauty and cosmetic solution in the region.

Sávee is where nature and science meet; premium ingredients coupled with precise knowledge make for the ultimate beauty solution for you.

From formulation to production, the processes are conducted in-house hence Sávee’s ability and capacity in its quality and quantity control. A minimum quantity production for each new and existing skin care product employing various formulas specifically catering for different skin requirements; and a diverse range of more than 100 colors for each series of cosmetic products such as lipsticks and eyeshadows is possible, providing grounds for Sávee to stand out from the rest. The highly dedicated and proficient Sávee R&D team is the key to engineering an extensive range of beauty and cosmetic products from raw materials meticulously selected and hailed from diverse sources across the globe; And with quality assured by GMP-approved formulation processes that fully comply with the Malaysian HALAL standards.

Dedicated to the Green agenda of environmental consciousness, only natural ingredients are used in the making of all Sávee products. The manufacturing methods applied and raw materials employed are completely eco-friendly and in line with Sávee's vision of a Green future.

Sávee strives to continue providing innovative beauty products and precise solutions for your unique skin care requirements. Embracing an eco-conscious outlook, Sávee greets you at the forefront as the leading ethically-driven beauty and cosmetic solution brand, and the One-Stop-Shop for your complete beauty needs.